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There are quite a few websites devoted to Travian. I’ve used quite a few and thought I’d share the better ones here: is a website with different features but the main one that I use is the village search. You enter your village coordinates and then you can specify the types of villages you are looking for. For instance, only villages under 100 population in size with no population growth in the last 3 days. You can specify distance which is really nice and the search sorts by the closest villages. There’s also links to the village page in travian as well as the page that attacks that village. This saves me a lot of time searching for new farms. Out of all the travian sites, I use this one the most frequently.

Traviandope.comTravian Dope has various features. One of which enables you to view a 15×15 map of your server. There is a village search like Travian Box only it doesn’t show things like growth or enable you to sort by size. It does however show how many days a village has been idle. This can be very useful although I still prefer allows you to view your entire server map and shows which type of village each square provides. I’ve used this to help me pick out each of my villages. It indicates croppers, 5 clays, 4446 villages and also shows the oasis types. Very, very useful. is a site that uses the greasemonkey add-on to enhance the Travian experience with the Firefox web browser. Many of the scripts available are not permitted for use in Travian and if caught, your account can and will be banned. However, one script in particular is almost impossible to detect. That script is Travian Beyond. Travian beyond allows you many conveniences in the game, some of which are included in Travian Plus (the pay for upgrade in Travian). There are too many features to list but it greatly improves the gaming experience. A player can hover their mouse arrow over a village and will receive the calculated time of attack for each unit they have. When you are short on a resource for a build, Travian Beyond has taken the liberty of showing you exactly how much you need and how long it will take for the village to produce that many of the resource you need. When you raid resources, a typical report shows 101+99+101+99, while Travian Beyond shows all that and then takes the liberty of adding the total so your raid loot looks like this: 101+99+101+99=400. It also shows what % you looted versus how much your troops could carry. When I first started playing I used to add up all 4 resources looted and then divide that by the number of troops I had to see if I was getting the full amounts. For the lazy person this is very handy. **WARNING: Even though this is not an auto-farmer or an auto-builder, it is still a script and you can get banned for using it if you are somehow caught.

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