eBay’s Quality Search Takes a Hit

I hate to admit this but for the first time in 14 years, I made a purchase on Amazon.com rather than eBay for an item that wasn’t a book.

I love eBay. I’ve been a member since 1998 and I’ve bought thousands of items and I’ve sold tens of thousands of items there. Amazon has always disappointed me. Their auctions were lackluster and I can see why they scrapped them. Their search is horribad. You search for a book and find results for hardware tools. Sometimes I search for a book and it tries to pick totally different titles or authors. To be fair Amazon’s search can be fixed you just have to tweak it.

When eBay added “Best Match” I groaned because that feature has been on other websites for years and it was quite annoying. But it’s easy to change eBay to the normal “lowest price” or “ending soonest” which are my usual defaults there.

Tonight though, something horrible happened. I began looking for new memory cards for my Optimus V cell phone. It came with a 2GB MicroSD card and I wanted more room for more music. I was considering just going to an 8 although my phone can handle up to 32GB. Well when I was browsing eBay for MicroSD cards the search was filled with shit. Thousands of listings were filled with keyword spam. There were adapters, readers and players drowning the actual cards. Narrowing my search to just “32GB” or “8 GB” was impossible too as listings for a card including things like “2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB Class 2 4 6 10” So you couldn’t tell what you were getting unless you read each description.

I don’t usually mind buying from China as those factories sell stuff dirt cheap and the products usually work though I hear a lot of bad things about no brand memory cards being faked. For example a 2GB card can be tweaked using compression to appear to be a 16GB card and by the time it fails on you, you’ve missed the window of returns.

Anyway, as I was Googling to see if my phone could handle SDHC cards (it can) I stumbled onto an Amazon.com listing. I ended up doing a short search there and found a Sandisk 16GB SDHC card at class 4 speed for $8 with free shipping. It was ridiculously easy to find.

While eBay had thousands of keyword-spam-filled listings with nothing I wanted. I know a while back they made a “no more duplicate listings” policy but that’s being terribly exploited and they need to hire some people to patrol some of these categories. Even 1-2 guys getting paid $30k a year could probably handle the entire website. Give them a special area of the discussion boards where competing sellers could squeal on their competition or frustrated buyers could point out problematic searches.

A lot of the people on the eBay-hate bandwagon claim that eBay wants to be like Amazon and I hope that doesn’t happen ever. eBay has some great qualities but it needs to do something about the massive amounts of garbage.

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eBay, Amazon, Craig’s List, Ina Steiner and the truth.

I’m not going to say Ina Steiner is full of crap, that would be unfair. According to the charts posted on her AB blog, eBay has been losing rank for unique visitor traffic in the U.S.A. She says Amazon is receiving more traffic and that Craig’s List (a company partially owned by eBay) is on track to surpass eBay as well.

Somehow she neglects to mention that on the global scale, eBay is still dominating both Amazon and Craig’s List (80 million vs 67 million and 59 million). eBay is actually growing and leaving Amazon and Craig’s List behind. In the last month CL actually went down 1.52%. Have a look at the chart below:

eBay still king of unique traffic
[click to enlarge]
In the 21st century, global is much more relevant than national. To be fair, both Ina’s chart and the chart I took from Compete.com mean very little. The money is made from conversion of traffic, not from how many people click a link and then close it without buying anything. I’m not even sure why CL gets mentioned. People go there looking to find prostitutes or haggle for their neighbor’s lawnmower.

I would love to learn how many of eBay’s 80 million visitors actually made purchases. The same with Amazon’s 67 million. I would love to compare the percent of buyers versus bouncers. I’d love to look at the percentage of return visitors.

Source of my comparison chart

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Attention all internet merchants. Be aware of Anyone using the names Yukari Ghaleb or Yukari Ali. This person is using stolen credit cards to purchase merchandise. Here was the information he used for his purchase from me:

Shipping Address:
Yukari Ghaleb
P.O. Box 77325
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Phone number: 00971506224031

Payment From: Yukari Ali (The sender of this payment is Non-U.S. – Verified)
Buyer’s ID: yukari.takeba
Buyer’s Email: yukari-takeba@hotmail.com

eBay has since removed him as a registered user.

*Note: buyer confidentiality is very important to me. However, I will do all that I can to deter criminals from ripping off others on the internet. This includes working with my local or their local law enforcement, as well as the FBI (www.ic3.gov).

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Gigi Edgley Sells Goodies on eBay

So I’m browsing eBay looking for some Farscape Toys and I notice that there’s a seller selling items from Gigi Edgley’s personal collection.  If you don’t know who that is, she played Chiana on the ubercool SciFi show Farscape.  You can see the current list of items for sale here: Gigi Edgley Collectibles and you can browse through the sold items here: Sold Gigi Edgley Collectibles.  There was a cool South Park Scorpius shirt that sold for $41.  I had no idea they were even made.

The seller seems legit as Gigi is pictured holding the items.  It should also be noted:

“BONUS #1-Gigi will personally sign it, anywhere with whatever the winning bidder wants (no signature, only signature, signature with a name or note, etc.). She’ll even take a photo with the signed item before shipping it out as proof that it is her signature!

BONUS #2-She’s also willing to write a small note (on the back of a Chiana fan card picture) describing the item, stating it was from her personal collection and any other details you’d like. She’ll take a photo with the note as well as the item, and you will receive the pictures via email while it’s being shipped!”

I thought that was pretty cool and worth checking out.  I’ll be watching again soon since they ship worldwide. 🙂


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Holiday Special: 15-27% Off Select Starcraft & Thundercats Action Figures

From now until December 15th, I am running a special on my
Starcraft and Thundercats ebay listings.

From Starcraft I’ve been able to get a hold of the Terran Firebat, Protoss Zealot and Zerg Hydralisk as well as two very elusive figures: The Protoss Champion, Tassadar and the War Pig. War Pig was available only though a mail away offer. All figures except for War Pig are brand new and sealed in their original packages.

My Thundercats offering is thinning out as I’m unable to keep them in stock at the prices I sell them at. One noteworthy figure I do have available is the Astral Moat Monster. The Astral Moat Monster is a pretty rare figure to find. Not only that, but loose figures are often sold without the wings. I was actually lucky enough to acquire a good looking Astral Moat Monster with both wings as well.

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Aero Fighters for the Super Nintendo

Every so often I see an old game for sale that commands over $50 in price and I ask myself, “why?” Why is this 10 or 20 year old game so much more than the others that sell for $5-10? There’s been a couple of games that I’ve tried and they are not that much fun. Aero Fighters is a SNES game that I’ve seen end for $200 or more frequently on eBay.? I had never played the game before.? I had always been curious.? Well today I managed to get a cartridge and fire it up.? I must say I was impressed.? For those that don’t know, Aero Fighters is one of those games where you are in a plane flying on the screen shooting stuff and trying to survive.? Raiden and 1943 are two similar games that come to mind.? McO’River added a little bit more to Aero Fighters to make the game stand out.? For one, you can choose from 4 pilots from either the USA, Japan, Sweden or the United Kingdom.? Each of these four pilots has their own goals.? This game is also two player which is neat.? I beat the game on easy mode (stop laughing) and at the end I was instructed to enter something on my keypad at the character select screen however I didn’t write it down.? Perhaps this is for hidden characters or some other Easter egg feature.

Update: I sold my copy years ago but you might find one below. Scroll down to watch a full run of Aero Fighters in Super Hard mode.

Aero Fighters (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1994) demon crest autentic.

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