The South is Victorious at Com7!

Dear Travian players,

All good things must come to an end, and so too must this age. Once Solomon was given a ring, upon which was inscribed a message that could take away all the joys or sorrows of the world, that message was roughly translated, “this too shall pass”. It is both our joy and sorrow to announce to all Travian that this too has now passed! We hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed serving you and thank you for staying until the very end!

The results: Day had long since passed into night, yet the workers of the village Southern Simmers, labored on throughout the wintery night, ever wary of the countless armies marching to destroy their work, knowing that they raced against time and the greatest threat that had ever faced the free people. Their tireless struggles were rewarded at 12:40 after a nameless worker laid the final stone in what will be forever known as the greatest and most magnificent creation in all of history since the fall of the Natars.

Together with the alliance South-WW, Regulator was the first to finish the Wonder of the World, using millions of resources whilst also protecting it with hundreds of thousands of brave defenders. It is therefore Regulator who receives the title “winner of this era”!

Caio Mario was ruler over the largest personal empire, followed closely by Viktor and Mervangi.
Incognito slew more than any other, and was the mightiest, most fearsome commander.
Regulator was the most glorious defender, slaughtering his enemies at his gates, staining the lands around his villages with their blood.

Best regards,
Your Travian-Team

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Travian Wonders of the World

Days fade into nights that seem ever longer as the cruel chills of winter begin their descent upon a people weary of war. The first snowflakes dance across the night sky, foretelling the end of all that was and all that will be. Travian Wonder of the World WW

Wonder of the world The glorious victories of the past no longer seem as wonderful in the latest retelling. They are but memories of a time when men felt immortal. The old warriors huddle beside the fire and remember fondly the great friends they had fought beside and lost, now but distant shadows in the darkness. The armies and triumphs of the past have lost their luster, and those still left standing wonder what they continue to fight for and whether there is anything worth still fighting for. They resolve that they will not go so silently into the winter night, that this age, their age, will be one to be remembered.

They pledged to search across the world for knowledge of the wonders of the past, hidden in the past, in a world that was now legend, in a world that was beyond memory. Heroes and armies searched far and wide across the fields, forests and mountains, braving the elements and their enemies to bring the secrets of the lost past back home. After many bitter disappointments a muse smiled upon some unknown hero and guided him to the revelation that a tribe of that long lost past yet lurked among the living—- The Dreaded Natars. The Natars are steeped in lore and mystery, an ancient race so feared for their savagery in battle that they are told as bedtime stories to scare children.

With much trepidation, the armies of Travian bid farewell to their loved ones, possibly for the last time, to march into the villages of the Natarian Empire. Hundreds of thousands of souls marched on the crowded roads beneath a winter sky to their destiny. There was no fear in their eyes, no hesitation, for they knew it was their chance, their only chance, to leave this age with not a whisper, but a roar, a declaration, that they existed. A declaration that will last throughout the ages, to become story, song and legend.

Beneath the winter sky, the flickering lights of the Natarian villages waited for the hundreds of armies marching towards them, the Dread Armies of the Dead Empire prepared to defend the valuable points from which they had once controlled the world, knowing that the many advantages that lay within each would be crucial to the fate of the world and its many peoples.

(Story by Grozoth)

The wonders of the world will be implemented on the November 21, 2009 (This is for

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Travian: The Natars Are Coming!

Whispered rumors echo through the villages, containing legends told only by the best of storytellers. They concern the Natars, Travian’s most fearsome warriors. It is every hero’s dream to slay them, every soldier’s goal. No one knows how the Natars grew to be so powerful, their soldiers so fearsome. Determined to discover the source of their power, an elite group of scouts is sent out to spy. They return a few hours later with terrified faces and wild theories: it seems the Natars’ power comes from mysterious items they call artefacts, which they had stolen from your ancestors. Manage to steal the artefacts, they say, and you can steal their power.

The time has come to reclaim the artefacts. Conspire with your alliance and assemble your warriors to retrieve these coveted objects. However, the Natars will not give the artefacts up without a fight… and neither shall your enemies. If you can manage to successfully repossess the artefacts and fend off your enemies, then you will be able to reap the rewards. Your buildings shall become incredibly strong and powerful, your troops much faster and more crop-efficient. Seize the artefacts, bring glory to your empire, and become the new legends for your successors.

(Story by Cryptid_Hunter)

On July 31, 2009 the Natars will go live on .com server 7. This should make the next couple of weeks pretty exciting.

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So I’ve been playing a game called Travian lately. It’s fun at times. It’s a free browser game in the war game/strategy genre. When you start out the game is a bit boring as you are building up your village and waiting (lots of waiting) for construction to finish. After about a week though the game gets to be a bit more fun.

There are a variety of servers to play on. Some servers are country specific while others are international. I opted to play on an international server as I enjoy diversity and chatting/playing with people from around the world is one of those things that still makes the internet feel magical. Each server game lasts for 1 year and then the servers are reset. This is the type of game that you really only have about a month of tardiness before joining late becomes a death sentence. Luckily servers are starting/ending at different times.

The game itself is simple: survival and conquest. As you build up your villages you research and train new military units. Through conquest and exploration you gain more villages which in turn allow you to build an even larger military. Meanwhile, thousands of other players are attempting to do the same thing.

There are 3 races: Romans, Gauls and Tuetons. Romans are the “well-rounded” race while Gauls are supposed to be superior defenders with Tuetons as the superior offensive race. I opted to play as a Gaul but as an aggressive one. So far things have gone well. The server is 3 months in and I’m already one of the top 400 players as well as a member of the top alliance on the server.

The one drawback I find in the game is that to succeed, you really need to devote a lot of time to playing the game. I can log into my account hourly and there is always something to be done. The casual player can still have fun playing although growth will be slower and there may be more challenges competing with more active players.

There are a lot of 3rd party websites devoted to Travian and quite a few have created useful tools for aiding the Travian player. I’ll be reviewing some and adding links soon.

Check out Travian today!

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Loki in Space — A free web game

Aside from selling video games, I also design them.? My first attempt at a web game is called Loki in Space.? You can test out Loki in Space although I do need to mention that the game is not finished. There will be quite a few features added and there will be some changes to the mechanics of the game. You can also view the high scores here: Loki in Space Top Scores.

So what is Loki in Space about? Well, you are a ship captain and for the next 30 days/turns you are trying to earn money. The story is weak as I was mainly focused on learning more about PHP programming.

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