Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I was a big fan of the show when it was originally airing and had seen most of the episodes up until the last 2 seasons when my interests turned to other things. I did manage to tape the final 2 hour episode on VHS and watch it though having missed many episodes I was not really excited by the ending.

So over the last month I’ve been watching the entire series and I’ve just finished today. I do think it was a great show though I couldn’t help but be amused at how many episodes involved various characters being stranded on a random planet. First off, the show is about a space station and there’s well over a dozen episodes where someone crashes on a planet. Second, you would think after the first time something like this happened that the senior staff would say, “Hey, from now on there’s a new policy. If you find a planet that catches your eye, text us your coordinates and other stuff before going even a kilometer closer!” That way when you are sucked down to the planet or caught in a storm or teleported through time, the search parties can find you easier.

The biggest beef I had with the show is the complete lack of surveillance cameras within the station! Even in the 80s, Las Vegas casinos had hundreds (thousands?) of cameras covering every inch of the casino at multiple angles. Yet 400 years later when Garak’s shop is bombed, we have no idea who walked through the door because there’s no cameras on the promenade. Someone walked into someone’s quarters and murdered them? Sorry! No cameras in the hallway. Heck, the tiny 60-room Red Roof Inn that I worked at 8 years ago had cameras in the hallways and they were inexpensive then. I realize having cameras would hamper the plots of the stories but perhaps it would have forced the writers to become more creative.

Another problem I had with the show was that the Founders were able to gather vast amounts of intelligence on everyone in the Alpha Quadrant and particularly Starfleet. Even so, the Founders somehow ignored that information and considered Starfleet to be a dangerous threat with secret motives to conquer and kill them. Regardless of the overwhelming evidence stating that Starfleet was a bloated bureaucracy whose only goals were to get voluntary planets to join them to create more bureaucrats.

Complaints aside I did really enjoy the series. I liked how although there were filler episodes, the story arc would continue in the background.

My next series to watch is Star Trek: Voyager. I believe I saw the first 2 seasons though I’m not sure how much. I remember one of the maquis women joining the Kazon aliens and having the dude’s baby. I also remember them adding Seven of Nine. I do believe I stopped watching this series because I found it a bit on the boring side so I am hoping perhaps my attitude will be different now that I am older. When I first saw the movie Event Horizon back in the 90s, I did not like it. Years later rewatching it, I was able to gain an appreciation for it. So I am crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to enjoy Voyager. Then again after sitting through all 5 seasons of The Wire, the most boring TV show ever, I am sure I can tolerate almost anything.

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