Decent Alien Invasion Movie with a Bad Rap: Skyline

Skyline [2010] was actually a pretty good alien invasion movie regardless of what the ratings show.  If you’re not aware of the plot the story is about aliens that come to earth and begin taking people.  When I read someone comparing Skyline to Cloverfield I was worried.  I haven’t seen Clovervfield but I heard it is one of those bouncy cam movies and you never get to see the monster.  The comparison is bollocks!  First there is no bouncy cam!  Second, in Skyline you definitely get to see the aliens.  That’s a big deal for me.  With a lot of alien invasion movies you either never see the aliens or you only get cut scenes and glimpses of them.

So why do the aliens attack?  That’s not actually revealed in the movie.  The aliens do remove brains from humans and for a purpose.  It’s not said if that is the sole reason for the alien attack or if that’s just the first part of a larger project.  The aliens in this movie were cybernetic organisms which I thought was really cool.

The movie does not resolve itself by the end.  Could there be a sequel?  Perhaps but I don’t think that is planned or necessary.  The movie just did not need to continue.

Reasons why alien movies usually fail my approval test:

  1. They don’t show the aliens or they don’t show them enough.
  2. The aliens start their attack strong but then the writers force them to act uncharacteristically.
  3. The aliens are defeated by dumb luck and/or a Windows-compatible virus.
  4. The aliens master interstellar/intergalactic travel and then invade the earth with subpar technology.

Skyline manages to avoid three out of four of these which is great.  #4 might have been a failure in that in this movie the aliens did not have infrared or x-ray vision to see around counters or through blinds covering windows.  I can live with that!

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The end of Chuck

I know a lot of people were upset with the ending of Chuck. A few people I talked to or read posts from said even just 2 more minutes would have been enough for them.


I do admit that what happened to a Sarah over the last few episodes was not enjoyable to watch. That said, I found the last minute of the last episode wrapped up that story well. Let me reiterate that I thought Sarah losing her memories was really dumb. Not only that but she didn’t lose all of her memories. She could remember her name, she remembered Bryce, yet forgot only memories from the last 5 years? Too stupid. Chuck chose to use the last intersect to save people’s lives sacrificing Sarah’s memories possibly forever–ok I believe that. But then he should be a CIA asset again. Not just free to walk away with their secrets still in his mind. Did we forget that in early seasons they feared that Chuck could end up imprisoned in a bunker forever if he didn’t play ball?

Now back to the end of the last episode. I’m happy it ended as it did because with just a minute more and I think I would have been disappointed. Chuck kisses Sarah and it’s a long kiss. That means it could not have been too bad for Sarah. Had they agreed to “try again” and we ended up with a montage of new first dates and such, to me that would be disappointing. Without her memories Sarah is almost like a different person and so Chuck would be giving up one Sarah, his Sarah, for this newer one. I just would not have been happy with that.

Of course with Chuck having the intersect back in his mind he may have the ability to create another one that could be rigged to restore memories. Though Ellie’s plan of taking wedding photos and a dossier and uploading them into Sarah’s mind doesn’t sound like a valid way to restore memories anyway. When Chuck flashes on a killer’s face he doesn’t become the killer or gain his memories.

Anyway, the last few episodes were stinky with that story line. I do hope they make a TV movie to wrap fix it but if it ends like that which it probably will, I can live with that ending.


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Castle Season Four casts Trektors!

Trektor is my new word. Consider it a portmanteau of “Star Trek” and “actor.” On this season of Castle we gain Penny Johnson as the new captain. Penny played Cassidy Yates on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which happens to be my favorite Star Trek series. We also gain Michael Dorn who I’m sure we all know as Worf!

I’m only two episodes in and when I saw “Michael Dorn” in the list of credits at the beginning of episode one I was very excited. I couldn’t imagine who he was going to play. I was crushed when I found out he was playing a police psychologist (or psychiatrist, whichever…”shrink” s’il vous plait).

Of course we get to episode two and it turns out there’s a vigilante killer with a very distinctive voice. Who could it be? I haven’t finished the episode yet but I’m pretty sure ol’ Worf is more than just a doctor. This is also the “superhero” that was hinted at during the Comic-con panel this year.

Anyway, if you’re not watching Castle then you need to go to Netflix or eBay/Amazon and get the DVDs ASAP. It’s a fun series and I’m looking forward to the rest of this season.

Ok well I’ve paused the episode just so I could blog about my excitement seeing 2 Trektors show up this season. Time to finish watching!

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