Cromartie High School

I just finished watching Sakigake! Cromartie High School. It was an amusing anime. It was a shame that there were only 26 episodes made. Especially since the episodes were less than 12 minutes each including the intro and ending songs.

Some of the jokes were dumb but others really had me laughing hard. For favorite character, I am torn between Takenouchi Yutaka and Mekazawa Shinichi. Much of the plot and the humor is absurd, so you have to suspend belief in reality to really appreciate the show. Of course that probably goes without saying if you are aware that one of the students is a gorilla and the other a robot.

I’ve got a Mechazawa plush toy available in my eBay store and he’s pretty sweet looking. My only beef is that they gave him his second button and on the series, he’s missing that button.

I also want to mention that I watched the show with English dubbing. I will very rarely do this because most of the time the voice actors are disappointing and the dialog is sometimes changed entirely. In the case of Cromartie High School, I found the voice actors did a fine job and the dialog was pretty close to the subtitles.

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