Halloween Horror Nights XX/20 Event Map Guide

Are you going to HHN at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida this year?

Want to know where everything is? Well I’ve got picture of the event map up for your viewing pleasure:

Click here to view

I also sell the maps on eBay if you are a collector. I don’t recommend buying these if you are planning to go at a later date this year because the times may be different for shows. Though the houses and scare zones never move.

I went to HHN last night and the houses were fun as always. I was disappointed with the Bill & Ted show. 2007 and 2009 sucked, 2006 and 2008 were great. So I assumed 2010 would be awesome. I was wrong. I’m stunned that Avatar was not even hinted at! I was glad to see a certain someone return to the show. Sorry, I won’t spoil it by saying who. (Update 2015: I wish I would have spoiled it as I can’t remember who was there now)


End Date: Monday Dec-18-2017 15:45:03 PST
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Halloween Horror Nights 27 Map Event Guide Universal Orlando 2017 HHN

End Date: Friday Dec-22-2017 15:20:50 PST
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End Date: Friday Dec-22-2017 22:01:45 PST
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Halloween Horror Nights 25 Universal Light Up Cup Glass Set HHN

End Date: Friday Dec-22-2017 22:05:03 PST
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End Date: Monday Dec-25-2017 15:22:32 PST
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train_man: densha otoko

I just finished watching densha otoko. The imdb summary says:

The supposedly true story of a 23-year-old otaku (Japanese geek) who intervenes when a drunk man is harassing several women on a train. The otaku ultimately begins dating one of the women, and posts on a website asking for advice every step of the way.

I’d say that’s a very accurate description of the movie. I really enjoyed this movie but let me say that I didn’t think it was the end of all romance movies or anything like that. For nerd romance though, it did well. From the gaijin point-of-view, it gave me more insight into the Japanese culture. I was excited to recognize the Gundam figures. At one point it looks like train_man drops either a Meer or Lacus figure (I’m not sure which) on the ground.

Don’t expect too much mention of anime, manga or games. They take a backseat to the story itself. Our train_man and his love interest, nicknamed “Hermes” after a gift she gives him early in the movie, are aided by some amusing characters on the internet. I had suspected that train_man was posting on 2ch (the inspiration for 4chan). Wikipedia confirmed that the “true story” originated on 2ch.net.

What really interested me most was the lack of griefers. Those people who came to train_man’s aid were genuinely trying to help. I just cannot believe that no one came along and gave bad advice on purpose, pretending to be Hermes or some attempted to antagonize train_man in some way. Perhaps that is how it really happened but that was left out of the movie to keep us focused on the main plot of the story. Either that, or 2ch is predominantly full of decent people and Rickrolls are non-existent.

I also understand that there is a T.V. show based on the story as well. I’m not sure I will bother as I’m sure they will just drag out the 100-minute movie into 10-13 episodes. I definitely recommend the movie though.

Another interesting fact is the tea company mentioned in the movie, Benoist, is NOT the only tea company to hold a set of three Royal Warrants. According to wikipedia, “a search of the Royal Warrant Holders Association website reveals this to actually be true of R. Twining & Co.” Even so, Benoist found their sales tripled after the release of the movie. That is some powerful marketing!

Find a not so cheap copy of the DVD on Amazon here.

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