Metrocon 2010: My Thoughts

I thought the merchant selection sucked this year. I don’t know if it was just in my head but it didn’t seem like there were as many selling. Even in the artists area, last year they were set up on both sides while this year they were only on one side. The vendors that were set up this year did have some good stuff. There just was not enough vendors for my taste.

I did get to stay for two days (Friday and Saturday). The anime chessboard was entertaining but the audio sucked if you were sitting back in the bleechers. Myself and at least a dozen others around me were all like “what did Mitsurugi just say?” and forget trying to understand anything that was being said when they had the characters on screens like Auron and Belldandy. Naruto was hilarious and what happened to him at the end(headshot)…well I understood the standing ovation.

Later I was watching some of the AMVs for the awards shows. This time I sat closer so that I could hear. Unfortunately, those screens they used were washed or something as the pictures were faint. There was a third screen above and some people laid beneath it, I guess to see the clear picture. I thought the Golden Girls / Lucky Star skit was hilarious.

For the anime costume contest, I think they should have renamed it as a talent show. From what I could tell, the costumes took a back seat to performance. I was very entertained by the skits though. I didn’t stay to see who won the awards but I think one of the Vocaloid boys was carrying around a Nintendo Wii box later so I guess they won. Cool prize.

Cosplayers in the halls were awesome. I got some pictures, check them out here. I didn’t identify everyone though I knew who most of the people were supposed to be. There were quite a few cosplayers as Yoko from Gurren Lagann and Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. The only costumes coming close in number were probably the Sebastian and Ciel cosplay couples. I was very excited to see Terra from Final Fantasy 6 (3). There was a Gogo at Megacon earlier this year. I’m hoping to get a picture of every character. Also, special thanks to the cosplayer of Yomi from Black?Rock Shooter. I didn’t know who she was and I broke taboo by inquiring. I had to though, because I’d been seeing pictures of that character in different places so I wanted to know the name of the show so I could check it out.

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