The Restless

I have only seen about a dozen Korean movies. Until two days ago I was not impressed. I am not one to give up on a country though just because of a few bad movies. The U.S. has 131,218 bad movies.  Yes, that’s right I counted them.

The Legend of the Shadowless Sword (2005) is the first of the two movies that I really enjoyed. The second movie was The Restless (2006). The Restless was my favorite of the two. The Netflix synopsis reads:

After his beloved fiancé is killed by demons, Yi Gwak (Woo-sung Jung) joins the royal demon-hunting squad and distinguishes himself as a great hero. And though Yi eventually falls in battle, his adventures are just beginning.

That’s really just the back story. Yi Gwak ends up in a place called Midheaven which is a realm between worlds where spirits go for 49 days before they are reincarnated. Yi Gwak, however, is not a spirit but a living human. An evil rebellion is afoot and Yi Gwak must stop it.

The special effects were special for sure. I watch a lot of foreign movies and good special effects are rare. I would not say the movie out did Zu Warriors, but it was a respectable challenger. If you are looking for a good sword fighting movie with an interesting story then I definitely recommend “The Restless.”

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Travian Wonders of the World

Days fade into nights that seem ever longer as the cruel chills of winter begin their descent upon a people weary of war. The first snowflakes dance across the night sky, foretelling the end of all that was and all that will be. Travian Wonder of the World WW

Wonder of the world The glorious victories of the past no longer seem as wonderful in the latest retelling. They are but memories of a time when men felt immortal. The old warriors huddle beside the fire and remember fondly the great friends they had fought beside and lost, now but distant shadows in the darkness. The armies and triumphs of the past have lost their luster, and those still left standing wonder what they continue to fight for and whether there is anything worth still fighting for. They resolve that they will not go so silently into the winter night, that this age, their age, will be one to be remembered.

They pledged to search across the world for knowledge of the wonders of the past, hidden in the past, in a world that was now legend, in a world that was beyond memory. Heroes and armies searched far and wide across the fields, forests and mountains, braving the elements and their enemies to bring the secrets of the lost past back home. After many bitter disappointments a muse smiled upon some unknown hero and guided him to the revelation that a tribe of that long lost past yet lurked among the living—- The Dreaded Natars. The Natars are steeped in lore and mystery, an ancient race so feared for their savagery in battle that they are told as bedtime stories to scare children.

With much trepidation, the armies of Travian bid farewell to their loved ones, possibly for the last time, to march into the villages of the Natarian Empire. Hundreds of thousands of souls marched on the crowded roads beneath a winter sky to their destiny. There was no fear in their eyes, no hesitation, for they knew it was their chance, their only chance, to leave this age with not a whisper, but a roar, a declaration, that they existed. A declaration that will last throughout the ages, to become story, song and legend.

Beneath the winter sky, the flickering lights of the Natarian villages waited for the hundreds of armies marching towards them, the Dread Armies of the Dead Empire prepared to defend the valuable points from which they had once controlled the world, knowing that the many advantages that lay within each would be crucial to the fate of the world and its many peoples.

(Story by Grozoth)

The wonders of the world will be implemented on the November 21, 2009 (This is for

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Holiday Special: 15-27% Off Select Starcraft & Thundercats Action Figures

From now until December 15th, I am running a special on my
Starcraft and Thundercats ebay listings.

From Starcraft I’ve been able to get a hold of the Terran Firebat, Protoss Zealot and Zerg Hydralisk as well as two very elusive figures: The Protoss Champion, Tassadar and the War Pig. War Pig was available only though a mail away offer. All figures except for War Pig are brand new and sealed in their original packages.

My Thundercats offering is thinning out as I’m unable to keep them in stock at the prices I sell them at. One noteworthy figure I do have available is the Astral Moat Monster. The Astral Moat Monster is a pretty rare figure to find. Not only that, but loose figures are often sold without the wings. I was actually lucky enough to acquire a good looking Astral Moat Monster with both wings as well.

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